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Comfy and tidy rooms in London
available now!

Comfy and tidy rooms in London
available now!

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Please sign and complete this form to authorize One Room UK to apply charges to your debit card listed below.

By accepting this form, you give One Room UK permission and authorization for the following:

- Permission for my debit card to be charged on every two weeks in my collection day, starting from {{tenant.proximo_recolhimento}} as my renting payment plan.

Property: {{tenant.nome}}
Property: {{tenant.propriedade}}
Room: {{tenant.quarto}}
Price per week: {{(tenant.valor - tenant.desconto)/2}}

Please complete the information below:
Card Picture:
Card Type:
Cardholder Name: Somebody else's card
Card Owner's Document:
Card Number:
Expiration Date (mm/yy): /
CVV2 (3-digit number on back of Card):
Card owner's details:

I Passport Number/ ID Number authorize One Room UK, to charge my debit card from my account indicated below for tuition payments as outlined above.

Billing Address Phone
Post Code City Country Email

I authorize the above named business to charge the debit card indicated in this authorization form according to the terms outlined above. This payment authorization is for the renting services described above. One Room UK is authorized to take payments from my debit card until I give my room notice within 2 weeks in advance.