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Touring London, either as someone staying for a few months, or simply visiting for a week, is something of a true adventure, as the city is large with loads of things to see and do. Indeed, there is always something going on!

This said, until you have a chance to truly get settled into your flat—or hotel room–long enough to have the chance to properly plan an outing on foot or via the Tube, why not take something of a whirlwind tour around the city, seeing London in a completely different way before you go about your regular plans?

Mode 1: By Boat

The River Thames is essentially what makes London the city it is, so it stands to reason that taking a tour cruise is an ideal start to your sojourn here. Different routes are available, showcasing various parts of the city, such as the London Eye, Westminster, Big Ben, Canary Wharf and many other popular sights.

If you wish, you can even take a special cruise featuring the time-honoured British tradition of afternoon tea. You can take the tour by yourself, but the experience is truly best shared with friends, so sit back, nibble on delicious treats like small sandwiches, sweet pastries and scones and float past well-known landmarks.

Another type of boat tour is the hop-on, hop-off cruise tour, where you can purchase an all-day pass that allows you to embark and leave the boat at will, so you can take your time visiting and exploring without worrying about missing the ride back to the starting point.

Mode 2: By Helicopter

There’s no question that London’s skyline is one of the most famous, so why not take a ride above it in a helicopter?

Helicopter tour prices are not exactly cheap, but it helps to go find deals so you can have the time of your life seeing the city spread out before you, without spending a lot of money. and Groupon are two common places to find deals. The two most popular helicopter tour companies are London Pleasure flights and London Helicopter.

London Pleasure Flights: They know their business as they’ve been flying for over 10 years. Tours typically start in Essex, on pre-selected dates through the year. There’s a lot to cover in a short 30-minute ride, but the view is breathtaking!
London Helicopter: These folks start their tours directly in London, and they have two types of tours available, with flexible pricing. The first type of tour is the
‘Buzz,’ which lasts only 15 minutes. The second is the 30-minute tour, but both are convenient ways for visitors to see one of the most famous of cities.

London Helicopter also takes visitors beyond London on trips to Stonehenge and Highclere Castle, the site where Downton Abbey was filmed. Additionally, there are now tours featuring luxury, al fresco dining trips at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, if you want to take a romantic holiday with your special someone.

Whether you take a ride on the River Thames, or soar above the London skyline in a helicopter, you’ll be seeing London from a completely different perspective and adding adventure and excitement to your life where there might not have been any before.

Different Ways To See London
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