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London may be one of the biggest metropolises in Europe, but despite its having lots of concrete and metal, it has plenty of green spaces, too. In fact, London is known for its numerous parks, and at least two well-known spaces can be found in the north-west portion of the city.

If you’re a bit weary of the ‘concrete jungle,’ so to speak, or you’re worn out by the crowds at Wembley, here is a brief list of north-west London’s amazing parks where you can sit down, take some deep breaths and retreat into the peace and quiet of all that is green and good:

1) Hampstead Heath. There is a reason this park keeps receiving numerous mentions. True to its nickname of ‘the great green lung,’ it’s one of the largest of London’s parks, and it’s chock-full of history. Tour Kenwood House from 10 AM to 17.00 PM to soak in the interior beauty as well as the amazing artwork, then wander around the park proper to breathe in the various panoramic scenes, bathing areas, and sit under one of the many trees and daydream a while.

You’ll see a different side of the park, depending on which bus you ride or Tube station you come from. The buses will, of course, bring you far closer to the park entrances, but the closest Tube station is Golders Green on the Northern Line. You can also take the Overground to the park and get off at the Hampstead Heath or Gospel Oak Stations, which will put you by the Keats House and the Athletics Track, respectively.

2) Regent’s Park. Another popular park in north-west London, this isn’t quite as big as Hampstead Heath, but there is still plenty enough to do for more than a day’s worth of outings. From the ZSL Zoo, to the outdoor theatre, and its many garden areas, Regent’s Park has plenty to offer those who find themselves a bit overwhelmed by Hampstead Heath’s size.

3) Queen’s Park. This is a good deal smaller than the other more celebrated green spaces, but it has plenty of good places to eat, and a children’s playground as well as tennis courts and a pitch-and-putt course if you like either tennis or golf. A small zoo and paddling pool will attract the kids as much as the playground will.

If you wish, you can even hold your wedding ceremony at the bandstand here at Queen’s Park. This was allowed as recently as 2016, but it’s only for the ceremony, as the park is not really equipped for a reception.

4) Gladstone Park. Located just off Dollis Hill Lane in Brent, this park is perfect for people who love athletic activities, but don’t want to deal with the size of a place like Hampstead Heath. There are football and rugby pitches as well as tennis courts, but you’ll have to book these.

One new aspect to Gladstone Park that will please people who love going to the gym, but also love being outdoors, is the outdoor gym equipment. You can either just jump on the equipment or join an instructor-led session, and unlike indoor gyms where you have to pay membership fees, the outdoor gym requires no such money. So it’s a win-win for many people.

For those wanting both a meditation spot as well as a bite to eat, there’s a cafe and many nature areas, and a playground area for the kids, too.

These are just four of the many parks in northwest London that add both beauty and a chance to get in some physical exercise, plus have a lovely day out either by yourself or with your family.

Best Parks In NW London
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