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Modern technology has given humanity two major gifts: the ability to travel and emigrate quickly, and the ability to send packages abroad in an equally efficient manner. Whether you’re someone sending a package to a British national who has re-located somewhere on the Continent, or you’re a university student from Europe wanting to send something back home from London, or anywhere in between, you’ll want to have such international delivery services available.

We’ll be taking a look at the best ways to send packages from London to three popular countries: Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Types of Parcel Delivery Services

As you might be aware, all types of services abound—including Royal Mail–offer international delivery. The question of which one to pick lies with where you sit with your personal budget, how much your package weighs and how large it is. The Royal Mail won’t ship anything larger or heavier than 2 kg, and automatically redirects to a separate international courier. So even beyond this article, you’ll need to do a bit of research on your own, especially if you plan on sending packages fairly regularly.

Three popular countries for international delivery from London include Spain, Italy and Portugal, so let’s have a brief look at the best ways to send packages to these countries:

1) Spain.

Spain is one of the UK’s top countries for international business, let alone for shipping items to friends and family. So it stands to reason that there are many, many couriers and parcel companies that offer more than reasonable prices and services. In fact, there is quite a bit of healthy competition.

One of the best parcel services is ParcelMonkey, a company that works with couriers such as DHL, DPD, Asendia and many others, to get your packages to your desired destination with the best service possible, for the best rates possible.

They take packages up to 30 kg, and because they have so many couriers they work with, you can compare quite a few price quotes. They even have their own air and road delivery services, in the event that no other couriers will do.

Another great service is Parcel2Go, which has a way for you to compare costs between their services and, say, Royal Mail, which many say is quite expensive all around. Even for a 20 kg package, Parcel2Go charges far less, so this is a site to visit if you’re truly on  a budget.

2) Italy.

As with Spain, Italy is a popular place, so it’s only natural that couriers have expedient and wallet-friendly delivery services to many cities. That said, you’ll want to pick the best services for the job, based on weight and dimensions. ParcelMonkey and Parcel2Go seem to be the top companies whose couriers have the best shipping rates as well as collection and drop-off points.

Both companies use DPD and Asendia, for example, so you can easily compare prices based on the service you need. If you only want super economy shipping, which takes the longest, Asendia’s rates via Parcel2Go are the cheapest at 9.64 pounds, including VAT, but minus the parcel protection.

These are just examples, of course, so have your parcel’s weight and dimensions handy when you look for a quick quote.

3) Portugal.

Sending packages via international delivery to Portugal is quite similar to sending packages to Spain, price-wise, especially if you’re using our previously mentioned parcel companies. ParcelMonkey and Parcel2Go have proven themselves to be reliable on many fronts, so let’s see how they stack up for shipping to Portugal:

  • ParcelMonkey: Lowest price is 14.09 GBP if you use Asendia’s International Priority. Naturally, other couriers such as DHL are pricier, the more your package weighs. DPD Pickup and DPD Pickup Classic are more mid-range, with prices ranging into the arena of 21 GBP (before VAT) for higher-weight parcels. But given how much DHL charges for a 30 kg package, DPD is your best available option.
  • Parcel2Go: This is the company to use if you’re truly on a tight budget and can’t spend any more than 10 pounds on economy shipping. The courier they use for this level of shipping to Portugal is Landmark Drop Shop, which offers drop-off locations, so you don’t have to worry about hanging around your house waiting for the courier to collect your parcel. On the other end of the spectrum is TNT, a service that does collections, but is pricier, as they’re on the ‘express’ level (1-3 day delivery). Just be sure and have your shipping details ready in order to get a more specific quote for your parcel, no matter which courier you choose.

So now you have a better idea of the best ways to send packages from London to three of the most popular countries in Europe. There are companies beyond the top two we mentioned, so it’s your choice, ultimately, but no matter which service you use, you’ll always want to do a fair bit of comparison shopping to truly save money on international delivery.


Best Way To Send a Package Abroad From London
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