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Whether you have yet to move to London, or are already here, the likelihood is high that you’re looking for solid employment. You might also be wondering where to look, to say nothing of finding out which sectors have the most shortages of employees. After all, if you fit the qualifications of certain industries that are experiencing employment shortages, then your job search will be much easier.

Even if your skill set doesn’t match the top sectors that need help, you’ll still need some sort of steady paycheck as you take your first steps in a new place, to say nothing of having recommendation letters ready for landlords and bank officials.

The following are some tips to get you started on your search for a job in London:

1) Check out online job search sites. Gone are the days when you only had the newspaper to look for a job. You can still do that, but to cast a much wider net, the Internet itself is full of truly good job-hunting sites. Some include:

  • Gumtree: It’s one of the largest ‘classified advertisement’ places online, where you can look for a job right alongside your search for vacant tenancies and furniture to fill your would-be residence. Put simply, it’s ‘one-stop-shopping,’ and it’s easy.
  • Indeed: This site is a bit like, and it will pop up in conversations with people in the know.
  • Directgov: The official job centre site with advanced search filters.
  • A British site that has quite a few helpful search options and listings.

2) Don’t overlook networking sites. It’s true that Facebook may not seem like the place to look for work, but there are Facebook groups that centre around job hunting in the UK. Also, LinkedIn, a site for professionals of all kinds, is a good way of making inroads towards an overseas job, especially if you can connect with potential employers via your online connection with your current boss.

Also, if you’re keen on working for a start-up, you can always message the owner and introduce yourself, stating how you’d benefit the company, and what you’d want to work on, etc.

Thirdly, you can’t underestimate the power of Twitter or blogs. Start ‘following’ the owner/operator of a company you want to work for, and engage in conversations on blog posts.

3) Try internships. This is a good place to start, especially if you’re on the university level and wanting to get your foot in the door towards a permanent position. This way, you’re already in a company, more or less, and will be given ‘first crack’ at a job before any external candidates are considered.

4) Apply directly. Don’t just resort to job-seeking sites. Sometimes, to find a job in London, you can apply directly to companies, which may get you in the door faster. With a well-written email expressing interest in the company, you can request an interview and if your qualifications match the job requirements, you could easily be a solid candidate.

Finding a job in London can be challenging, but these tips should help you put your best foot forward and therefore the journey to employment will go a bit smoother.

Looking For a Job? Best Places For You To Find One
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