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Decorating your room is all about creativity and experience. Combining these attributes will create a comfortable, dynamic, and attractive room. When you are decorating your room, you need to decide what type of color, style, and set of furniture you need. If you are running on a low budget, it is a good idea to consider decorating your new room with cheap products.

You want your new room to look attractive and cohesive, and this really doesn’t have anything to do with using cheap products. In fact, most cheap products look and feel good if they are planned and designed intentionally. For instance, if you want a red rug in your room, then you need to match it with colors like rust and burgundy.

If you are planning to live in Northwest London, you should consider these decorative items for your room.

  • Flower Vases

Flower vases are one of the best accessories with which you can decorate your room or home with. These vases can be used in different ways; they can either be used alone (creating a bit of imagination and creativity) or with a pretty flower. Lily flower has an elegant appearance which attracts many people to it. Most homes are decorated with fresh and cheap lily flowers.


  • Furniture

Using different sets of furniture is another good way to decorate your room. Make sure you buy the piece you like or feel comfortable with. Whether it is your patio furniture or dining room, make sure it fit the space designated for it.

  • Sofas

Sofas come in different styles and colors. Some are covered in suede, while others in cotton, velvet, denim, denim, and the likes. Depending on your preference, you can choose from different shapes (angular or curvaceous) available.

  • Crystal Candlestick

Crystal candlesticks are truly exquisite when you know how to match with your room. They are valuable and make your room look gorgeous. Crystal candlesticks are more alluring that their plastic, wood, silver, and metal-based counterparts.

  • Wall Arts

Don’t be limited to using only prints, paintings, and posters for wall arts. You have to be creative and think wide – architectural elements also make wonderful wall art. Boat oars, road signs and other elements can give your room an eclectic look.

Below are other cheap and cute items from IKEA which can also be used to decorate your room:

  • Pictures and frames
  • A black steel and glass lantern for block candles and candle holders
  • Christmas decorations
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Wall stickers
  • Mirrors
  • A green plant in a bamboo pot plants, pots, and stands
  • A simple vase or bowl can add decorative touches to your home
  • Clocks with different colors, sizes, designs, and functions.



Before decorating your room, make sure you create space for larger items like large mirrors and so on. More so, decorate the walls with attractive wall stickers and prints you can buy from IKEA and other low-cost stores.


Some Ideas For Decorating Your Room With Cheap Products
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