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Pubs originated in England and the UK alone boasts over 60, 000 of them. There is something unique about public houses or in this case, London pubs. They are comfortable houses built hundreds of years ago where good quality beer is assured. Many pubs in North West London serve foods and other traditional dishes that taste great with beer. The names of most London pubs remind us about the continuous history of pub culture.

New Londoners can discover more about the area by visiting the best pubs in NW London.

  1. Colonel Fawcett

Location: 1 Randolph Street NW1 0SS

Known to be Camden’s best-kept secret, the Colonel Fawcett is now a very popular pub in North London. They serve tasty fish, chips, and other Sunday roast. As a matter of fact, this pub is voted the best place in NW London to get a Sunday Lunch.

  1. Greenwich Union

Location: 56 Royal Hill SE10

Close to the Meantime Brewery, the Greenwich Union is a tourist pub where they sell beers (especially chocolate and raspberry beers). This is one of the fewest places to visit on warm summer days. The bar is often crowded with drinking Londoners. They have an enticing British menu with home-made fish-fingers and pork pies for dipping. One interesting thing about this pub is the free Wi-Fi that attracts freelances and home-workers.

  1. Fifty Five

Location: 31 Jamestown Road, London, NW1 7DB

This bar was established in 2006 by a barman who once served behind the bar. Fifty Five stepped up from the normal old funky tunes to offers live music to customers. The décor is cozy and framed with posters of rock bands and candle lighting forming a typical rock bar.

  1. Southampton Arms

Location: 139 Highgate Road NW5 1LE

Southampton Arms is a typical British boozer that is not far off from the Bull and Last (another famous pub). They offer a wide range of beers such as Howling Hops beers, from nearby breweries.

  1. Sir Richard Steele

Location: 97 Haverstock Hill NW3

If you are heading to North West London for a drink, you might want to check out Sir Richard Steele. This pub is named after the co-founder of The Spectator, who lived on the site. It is stuffed with the diverse crowd coming to enjoy different kinds of beers and other cuisines, the Thai cuisine in particular. Events such as music, quiz, and comedy make this pub lively until night falls.

Without a doubt, London has a wide range of fantastic public houses to choose from.  There are so many fabulous areas within North West London, each offering an outstanding array of great bars and pubs. This true quality can sometimes be a tough job to know which pub to visit. From the ones who offer traditionally brewed ale to those who offer delicious home cooked sausages, there is nowhere to beat the London pubs.

The best pubs around nw london
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